In my Parisian studio, I make my own creations from start to finish: conception, throwing, decoration, personal glazes, firings on the premises in my electric kilns. I produce very small series, containing some one-off pieces sparked by similar inspirations.

On the wheel, the clay is soft and sensual, dancing while it becomes a form. But then the form is fired, and clay becomes hard and definitive.

My work is an attempt to recreate the marvelous sensuality of working with clay.

Création 1

With Brume (created in 2006), the hand feels the contrast between the caress of smooth walls and the roughness of a textured band.

Création 2

In Volage (2008), I accentuate texture and movement by using paperclay, which gives the impression of cloth blown and torn by the wind.

Création 3

The new line Parures (2012) is exuberant: more colorful and decorative, incorporating metal, resin and stones.